Packaging and shipping

Since our chairs are supposed to arrive at your home in the exact same flawless condition under which we posted them, we are working together with professional packaging service providers who know exactly how to look out for sensitive freight.

We are sending you your chairs fully assembled after having passed a final quality check – as we know, nothing is worse than a final screw missing.

Special services

For bulk purchasers with special needs for furnishings we offer individual advisory services regarding picture options and editing as well as customized packaging and shipping options. For further information and prices please contact us.  

Tips about use and maintenance


We apply a printing technique where the color finds its way deep into the wooden surface of the chairs. Afterwards we seal the chair with a resistant protective varnish.


But even the best sealing will finally come to the limits of its capacities, e.g. when facing metallic rivets in jeans or sharp-edged objects.


Furthermore, your chair is a real stay-at-home that likes it rather warm and dry, because he cannot stand wetness. 


If necessary, wipe the chair with a damp cloth and check the screws of the frame from time to time (be gentle - we are talking about wood). If you follow these tips, you shall be able to enjoy your arssedia chair a long time.