Claudia and Hubert Snehotta, founder of arssedia GmbH.


Who wouldn’t like to live in a cosmopolitan home? Stylish interior fittings are based on the unexpected, the play with different styles, extravagant decoration and distinctive pieces of furniture. But the search for the unique that catches the eye and that you can also identify with is extremely difficult. Arssedia therefore wants to make every chair a unique specimen.


“It tempted us to create chairs in a fully new and extraordinary design. This seemed ambitious and daring at first. But then we had the idea that not the form, but the surface should be the unique position feature of our chairs – arssedia was born.”


Arssedia aims at all those, who are interested in photography and art, and who want to be surrounded by it in their daily lives. Your favorite picture should not be hung up on the wall – instead arssedia enables you to combine the aesthetic with the practical in your home. 


“Arssedia is an art gallery of the special kind.”


The search for cooperation partners, workshops and artists was successful at the first go. More difficult it got trying to find an adequate printing process for our chairs. A longer experimentation phase was necessary until we managed to get aesthetically and technically satisfying results out of the printing trials.


“Everybody is able to print a picture on wood, when it comes to an even surface. But any comfortable chair is ergonomically shaped.”


                        image design by Mike Espenhain


 The first model of the arssedia catalogue is called Phlexus, it is a creation of the Leipzig based designer Bernd Schröder. Thanks to its clear lines and wide seat squab, this chair represents a perfect display for pictures and art work. Arssedia’s offer is constantly being increased by new models – chairs with or without armrests, or chairs with separate seat squab and back rest, which are especially designed for the printing of pictures in landscape format.